Welcome To the
Monster Selfies NFT team!

We are an independent group dedicated to mysterious selfies. Our team is putting all of our efforts and skills into introducing you to the world of Monster Selfies.

Together with us, you have the unique opportunity to discover these strange creatures and be there when we reveal their origins and history.

Monster Selfies NFT

Our collection is made from 9999 unique NFTs With more than 800 assets every piece is truly uniqe

The Body?

Our colection is diferent fromt he others not only by art, story, goals …

The main difference is that you can expand the *basic* Monster Selfie NFT with our Monster body !

„We have bodies too“

We are the first collection that lets you expand your nft with a custom nft body Creating two uniqe NFTs out of just one! (join Discord for more information)

Our Team


Art Worker


Vice President

Petrea Zen

Art Director


Project asisstant




Script Writer


In 2020, the search programs of the Planetary Control and Protection Agency – PCPA – recorded the appearance of unusual and bizarre selfie images. To this day, the agency has been unable to track down the source of the data.

Their background is shrouded in mystery. Whom the selfies portray is unknown. All the recovered data is stored in a folder called Monster Selfies. Thanks to a well-informed source, word of this file has reached our ears. We even managed to get a hold of some selfies.

We’ll share these enigmatic portraits with you as we move forward. Our team will try to solve this mystery at our secret base, which we call the Cavern. We’ll keep you updated on the results of our search. So let’s get on with the Monster Selfie adventure.

What Inspired us?

Be a part of a unique community of interesting people

It’s about branding and philosophy. Dreams and NFT Where are our favorite childhood characters and figurines? Where is the teddy bear, fox, squirrel, or tiger, and where are the others? Why be ashamed to have your talisman? one of a kind and unique, and why not relive your story with it like you used to?

Stories fade as times and technology change. Why not have your unique, unmistakable friend today? It’s about the story; it’s about positive credit. Why buy one and not the other? what makes them different. There are tigers, cats, or monkeys here, as well as three lines or a dice. Why buy what I see in others and not have something of my own?

My original, which I dedicate to myself or to someone I love. When was the last time you received or were given a gift? When I buy a Harley Davidson, everyone knows who or what I am, how I think, and that my life has a story and a fixed point. But is that the case with all brands or NFTs? What are the stories and reasons behind its creation? What is the mission and purpose?

Is it so interesting that you want to join and be a part of it? Why buy an image and sell it? Why not become the image and live the story? Why not be special? What’s real, and what’s virtual? You want to find out: do you want to look in the mirror and not be afraid of what you’ll see? Do you want to open a story or are you afraid of Pandora’s box?

Where are Monster selfies, where do they come from, they are everywhere you just have to look and feel them and then let them enter your life…

Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.

Madam C.J. Walker

Do what you love and success will follow. Passion is the fuel behind a successful career.

Meg Whitman

If you can’t feed a team with two pizzas, it’s too large.

Jeff Bezos



500 Monster Selfies sold


The very first 500 people who get on the Whitelist will be able to obtain Monster Selfie earlier and at a lower cost. ( Join discord to see more )


1000 Monster Selfies sold

The Cavern

The @Monster Catcher (Monster Selfie NFT Owner) will have access to the Cavern

The Cavern will grant access to Special Rooms, Giveaways, and other benefits.


1350 Monster Selfies sold

1st Door and a Giveaway

A Monster selfies giveaway, 5 winners

1st door of the laboratory will be open


2000 Monster Selfies sold

Customizable merch​

Monster Selfies merchandise will be available. (If you own at least one Monster Selfie NFT, you will be able to personalize your merch.)


3000 Monster Selfies sold

Mystery Giveaway

Giveaways that will include a mysterious luxurious item and more…


3250 Monster Selfies sold

2st Door and a Giveaway

A Monster selfies giveaway, 10 winners

2st door of the laboratory will be open


3500 Monster Selfies sold

Custom game!

Monster Selfies game, tower defense like, with your own monster !


4000 Monster Selfies sold

The Body...

More information about expanding your Monster??? ( see discord)


4500 Monster Selfies sold

3st Door and a Giveaway

A Monster Selfies giveaway, 15 winners

3st door of the laboratory will be open


5000 Monster Selfies sold

New collection

Brand-new NFT collection

New Roadmap 2.0

Monster Selfies FAQ

Public Sale: 6/1/2023 (DD/MM/YYYY)

Pre-Sale: 6/1/2023 (-2h) (DD/MM/YYYY)

You can mint via our site

We advise you to have at least 0.1ETH in your wallet.

This is to adjust for gas prices.

Pre-Sale: 0.06 ETH

Public Sale: 0.07 ETH

Yes, the initial market will be Opensea.

Is a uniqe expansion for your original monster seflies nft